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    The company has established since 2007, and it is dedicated in the cause constructed on the one hand by Smartmaterials-based Design and R&D of innovative devices, equipments, on the other hand by customer-oriented service in application, modification and innovation. The company features a well-developed R&D team and the tight cooperation with experts, researchers and professors in fields of Smart materials, Mechatronics design and MEMS in institutes and universities, locally, nationally and internationally. The company, thereby, may be consistently maintaining its advanced development.

With possession of several patents, the company has been particularly devoted itself into the R&D of innovative devices and machines based upon (giant) magnetostrictive materials. Meanwhile, it, as one of the most emergent and active company in China, develops the related Import & Export business in subject to smart materials, and is an agency of the related products of other domestic and oversea companies. Currently, the company has been developing a couple of prototypes and products in applications, such as super-high precise positioning platform, giant magnetostrictive actuators, giant magnetostrictive motors, smart machining cutting tools and the associated control systems. Both the patents’ technologies and the R&D practices make us become the specialist in designing and constructing high efficient driving parts, devices or systems that have such features as high energy-transduction efficiency, simple structure, direct actuating mechanism, precision, as well as facile control, etc..          

In the present stage, upon giant magnetostrictive materials only, the company aims to create novel mechanisms or to reform the existed low-efficient instruments, tools, systems in institutes, companies in order to improve their production. According to the experiences of developing the giant-magnetostrictive cause , the company will in turns gradually expand its R&D and the business into a comprehensive cause that may be also constructed with other smart materials, such as Piezo ceramics, Shape memory, Magneto shape memory, ER and MR, etc., and will develop the corresponded peculiarly functional parts, tools, instruments and systems, respectively.  The innovation, the products and the services of our company will efficaciously contribute to meeting the potential requirements and the challenges that may occur in the rapid development of machinery industries, precision engineering, MEMS, Nano technology, and biomedical engineering as well.    
Generally, the company aims to offer the products, the technologies and services to the institutes, companies/enterprises that employ the smart-materials-based Actuator, Sensor, Control system, and their combined system. The specific areas, such as aeronautical, astronautical, marine engineering, precision engineering, biomedical engineering, electric instrument, domestic electric appliance, robot, etc., may be much related. Those industries, about precision manufacturing, machine tools, module fabrication, MEMS and military, will be our target clients.

Innovation that may valuably and uniquely derive from smart-materials will bring us the novel products and thereby the competence. Moreover it may drive the company in the way of high-tech, low-casting and high-quality. To the end cause, we will do our best to construct the company to be a first-rate base of smart-materials-based R&D, manufacturing and products export. 

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