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·Smart materials technologies
·Get quickly up to speed on these emerging technologies ...
·An A-to-Z guide to smart materials ...
·Smart Materials:
·An introduction to the key players in the field .
Smart materials technologies
Smart materials are the next frontier in engineering and manufacturing. Discover the state of the art in this emerging technology, and our assessment of its market potential. Position you company to take full advantage of countless lucrative opportunities.
What are they? Materials that respond to changes in temperature, moisture, pH, or electric and magnetic fields. Smart materials are poised to emerge from the lab in a wide range of medical, defense and industrial applications. Understanding and using these advanced materials in your new product development efforts may make the difference between success and failure in today's intensely competitive markets.
What are the most promising materials for specific applications? When would you use a shape memory alloy but not a smart polymer? What size of a market lies in wait for ER Fluids? Who are the primary laboratories and companies developing these materials? Who are the key researchers and engineers? Does it make technical and economic sense to fit a smart material in a given machine? With smart materials research taking place in hundreds of public and private sector labs across the globe, the answers to questions like these are difficult to find - yet they are vital if you are to make the decisions that will enable you and your company to profit from new developments in this fast moving field.

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