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·Smart materials technologies
·Get quickly up to speed on these emerging technologies ...
·An A-to-Z guide to smart materials ...
·Smart Materials:
·An introduction to the key players in the field .
Get quickly up to speed on these emerging technologies ...

Based on Technical Insights' close monitoring of the intensive worldwide development of smart materials, and drawing on extensive interviews and research, Smart Materials: Emerging Markets for Intelligent Gels, Ceramics, Alloys, and Polymers brings you a comprehensive overview of the technology and its current and potential markets.

You'll get a clear understanding of smart materials technology, the advantages and disadvantages it offers over traditional materials and engineering and manufacturing techniques.

You'll gain valuable insight into the research that is under way - who is working on what, how are they progressing, which applications show the most promise, and what obstacles still remain to be overcome before commercialization can begin.

You'll discover the prospects for smart materials in the marketplace, and pinpoint potentially lucrative opportunities to exploit these innovative technologies.


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